Friday, September 5, 2008

One week to Utah

One week to the 12 hour race in Utah. I'm surprised that I'm still ridinig well. I experienced a little bit of burn out, but now I think the race is close enough to get me through the last weekend of real riding before I knock it down a notch. I've averaged about 260 miles per week for the last 10 weeks - I should be ready.

The weather for Park City is looking good with a high of 70 and a low in the mid-40's - and sunny. It will probably be pretty cold for the start and also as the race winds down. I'll just have to make sure I dress warm enough, especially at the end when my body is going to be a mess. Hopefully I can squeak out a top 5 - I think I would be happy with that. But regardless of where I finish I anticipate that it will be a fun time on the bike. And it will be good to just hang out with the boys and get away for a couple days.