Thursday, February 21, 2008

Northwest Airlines Sucks

I guess there is a reason why everyone calls it "NorthWorst" Airlines. It really does suck. The planes are old, the people are crabby (I would be too if I had to work there), and thr flights are hardly ever on time.

I've been burned by that airline one time too many, which was once but it was enough for me. I will gladly pay more moneyto fly on another airline, which is a huge bummer since from Seattle I can get direct flight to quite a few places I have friends.

The last time I flew on this sorry excuse for an airline it was a nightmare. I was flying with my wife and 2 year old son. We got to SeaTac in plenty of time for a 0630 flight. Looked at the reader board, of course it says everything is on time. Cool. We got on the plane, I'm in the middle between my wife and son. He's chilling in his car seat. She's chilling in her's, and I'm squished in the middle. Whatever, it's only 4 1/2 hours. Let's go and get this over with. It's now time to go. Oops. Psyche! We have a short dealy to check something on the plane. The plane has been sitting here since we showed up, why the hell haven't they checked it before? Anyway, almost 2 hours later we are still sitting in the plane and haven't moved. Finally, they let us off the plane. but then no one is in the airport to let us off the jetway. And once we do get out we learn they cancel our flight. Too make a long story short, we ended up flying on another airline, NorthWorst lost all our luggage, and we got to our destination 9 hours late. Awesome! I actually got my son's stroller a few weeks later with one of the wheels bent at a 45 degree angle and about as muddy as you would expect it to be if it were dragged behind a farmer's plow.

Northwest Airlines never offered an apology, actually they never did a damn thing. When we arrived at our destination all the NorthWorst offices were closed up since it was so late. My son was a trooper though, he's only flown across the country 3 times and probably just assumes it's a pain in the ass, which it is.

The next time I flew though it was juts him and I and we were on Delta Airlines and the people were nice and everything was on time. hopefully that just wasn't luck.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Holy Crap! I got on the scale the other day and I am huge! I need to lose at least 10 pounds before I have any chance of getting up the hills with the other cat. 3 dudes. How did this happen? Holidays, a cookie here, pop tarts there, peanut butter and jelly instead of Tuna, work a weekend and someone brings in some donuts, here's a Tully's card, thanks for your help (which means a donut as I don't drink coffee). It all adds up. And it sure did. Now I'm on a crash diet, well, not crash exactly, but I am on a diet and I need to behave and stick to it for a while and see if I can shed some pounds. But now a weekend is here and that means with plans the next couple nights I will be eating out as well. Hopefully i can find a decent choice for dinner even if it means I have to eat something that is not all that great. How about something fat free and taste free to go with my water.

I have increased my mileage a bit since cyclocross season, which I didn't really train for anyway. But the weather has totally sucked ass the past week and a half. Last week I got in 200 miles but was dragging on my last ride of the week and actually cut my ride short as I was just beat. Maybe there is something to eating right and getting sleep in order to recover? As I haven't been doing either. The 3-6 hours of sleep per night is just not cutting it. I need to try and get some more somehow. not sure how that is going to happen though. I felt like crap at work yesterday and tried to take a nap during lunch. That never work real well but at least I got rest.

I know on Januay 1st I told myself that I was going to train and eat better and all that stuff as I kicked my training into "real training" and not just riding around because I can't ever think of anything better to do. Well, now it's the 2nd week of February and I really need to give myself a swift kick and get a move on with the diet and I think with more sleep the motivation will com back. Sometimes though it just seems like more work than play with everything else in life. Not like the good ole days when I did Ironman triathlons as was able to train 20 hours per week and not have to worry about much else besides work 40 hours per week. Sometimes getting older and adding responsibilities makes things a pain in the butt, and achieving your goals makes things so much harder. Hopefully they can be somewhat realized as the year progresses. Or at least I hope to come close enough to them that it makes me want to come back for more.

We'll see. Right now I am 173 pounds. The heaviest I have ever been in my whole life. Hopefully I will be 163 by TST and Walla Walla and 160 by Elkhorn. We'll see.

I think as the weather improves my weight will as well. but this is Seattle, and I can't wait for the weather to get better as well.

And one more thing, please! Where are all the street cleaning machines? I'm sick of riding my bike on sand!