Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Still training...

Yea. A good training run. About damn time. I always think I’m not doing much – or maybe I have let downs because I feel like I should be superman every single run and just kill it every time I lace up the shoes. But in reality I am human, and with all of these 80 and 90 mile weeks I’ve run on top of everything else in life I’m bound to not recover with lack of sleep more than I’d like – not always eating the best, etc.

But in a 13 day span I ran a 4:30 50K with a few thousand feet of climbing, not stellar but adequate for a training run. I ran a 3:20 marathon easily just a few days later sandwiching a bunch of 10 and 12 mile runs on trails. And then ran a 53 mile training run after work in under 8:00.  Sometimes I need to give myself more credit because in two weeks I ran about 180 miles and had some very solid days.

I’m still seeing the trainers once a week minimum and working with them and they are keeping me healthy and limber. My weight has been pretty decent hovering in the 165-166 range which is a good ultra running weight for me. I’ve also been doing about 2-3 hours of cross training per week focusing on core and other non running muscles, and of course working on flexibility.

I’m not sure what this will translate to in terms of a 100 mile race, I feel like I should be doing a little more elevation, but I am doing a good amount if I step back and look at things from the outside. I know I am doing the right things though, and have probably the best pacer available for me for the race as well. If it’s 17, 19, or 20 + hours I won’t know until the day of the race. 100’s are so unpredictable but I’m just really enjoying the journey to the starting line.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Somewhere on the Appalachian Trail.