Friday, January 28, 2011

Ctrl Alt + Delete - Run

Every once in a while it feels like you get stuck in a rut and you know you need something to get out of it. Well, that was me and my running - among other things. I have been going through the motions of it, but not really enjoying it. Something was amiss. I couldn't tell what it was, what I needed to get that constant motivation where I looked forward to each and every run that just allowed me to feel the liberation and freedom of why I do it. Finally I just went back to why I run and something that has some deep meaning to me and no one else knows why that place is so special. I don't think anyone else would get it, but that's not important. What is important is that I do get it, I understand and feel that when I get to that certain place on this earth. I can see and feel inside my soul and gain instant clarity on just what exactly it is I need and am able to move forward and work toward it. In this instance what I needed wasn't anything physical, but metaphysical and spiritual. I have the physical tools. I just needed to be someplace that allowed me to think and feel what it is I want from life, both short and long term, and realize I've had the tools all along. I just needed something to make me realize it. And although I didn't have the time to spend that I would have liked to on this run, only 2 hours, it was enough to make me feel rejuvenated. I could move forward again after this run.

The run was really simple enough. Put the trail shoes on, and just start running the trails with no singular destination in mind but one. That one is a certain special place on the trails that are almost hallowed to me. This place signifies something deep within me that I just can't describe for reasons that I will not publically say. After about an hour of running I found myself in this special spot. All is quiet. I haven't seen a single person in over an hour. The only animals I've seen or heard are the constant chirp of birds flying in and out of the brush. The sky is cloudy but still the sun illuminates the clouds so they don't appear so sinister. I just stand in this spot and soak all in from my environment. I grab a stick and etch something meaningful in the sand, take a picture of it to help me remember, and then erase it from the easel of the earth. Onward I run. My mind is freshly cleansed and the clarity is instant. The rest of my run is enjoyable and peaceful. This is just what I needed and I once again feel motivated to train and face the daily hurdles of life. And most of all, when the hurdles feel to tall to leap, instead of just tripping and stumbling, once again I can just return to this place and reset my mind. Everyone should have this type of place on earth where they can find what they are looking for, or just be reminded of the simplicity and enjoyment that each day has to offer. Forward I run...