Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cold but dry- better than rain

Pedal, Pedal, pedal. My friend used to yell that at his kid while he raced BMX some years back. To this day it makes me laugh because what the hell else are you going to say? Every little league dad had to feel useful in some way.

Last week kind of sucked in terms of mileage. I think I rode about 160 miles. Not very good at all. But that will happen when I get conned into working the weekend. Hopefully I can go another 3 months while avaoiding it. I was able to go three whole days without starting my car, that's a bonus. Riding my bike to work is junk miles though. It's hard to go real fast or even feel like going fast when you have a backpack on - esp. when it's 24 degrees and 5 am on a Monday. Junk miles are better than no miles.

This week is going a bit better so far. And no work planned for the weekend either so I should be able to get in about 120 miles between Saturday and Sunday, which will make for about 225 miles this week - about as good as I can get. I'll probably ride the first 1/2 on Sunday with the team and then break off to find some elevation (unless it's cold enough to snow). Pretty soon I'll be doing all my miles alone as the season gets closer and the training get more intense.

My bike team is brainwashed though. It's scary. One person has tons and tons of experience (including national) and for the most part he pulls the strings and his little marionettes do what he says. I know he just wants to helps...and his intentions are only good...but...still

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