Thursday, February 21, 2008

Northwest Airlines Sucks

I guess there is a reason why everyone calls it "NorthWorst" Airlines. It really does suck. The planes are old, the people are crabby (I would be too if I had to work there), and thr flights are hardly ever on time.

I've been burned by that airline one time too many, which was once but it was enough for me. I will gladly pay more moneyto fly on another airline, which is a huge bummer since from Seattle I can get direct flight to quite a few places I have friends.

The last time I flew on this sorry excuse for an airline it was a nightmare. I was flying with my wife and 2 year old son. We got to SeaTac in plenty of time for a 0630 flight. Looked at the reader board, of course it says everything is on time. Cool. We got on the plane, I'm in the middle between my wife and son. He's chilling in his car seat. She's chilling in her's, and I'm squished in the middle. Whatever, it's only 4 1/2 hours. Let's go and get this over with. It's now time to go. Oops. Psyche! We have a short dealy to check something on the plane. The plane has been sitting here since we showed up, why the hell haven't they checked it before? Anyway, almost 2 hours later we are still sitting in the plane and haven't moved. Finally, they let us off the plane. but then no one is in the airport to let us off the jetway. And once we do get out we learn they cancel our flight. Too make a long story short, we ended up flying on another airline, NorthWorst lost all our luggage, and we got to our destination 9 hours late. Awesome! I actually got my son's stroller a few weeks later with one of the wheels bent at a 45 degree angle and about as muddy as you would expect it to be if it were dragged behind a farmer's plow.

Northwest Airlines never offered an apology, actually they never did a damn thing. When we arrived at our destination all the NorthWorst offices were closed up since it was so late. My son was a trooper though, he's only flown across the country 3 times and probably just assumes it's a pain in the ass, which it is.

The next time I flew though it was juts him and I and we were on Delta Airlines and the people were nice and everything was on time. hopefully that just wasn't luck.

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