Thursday, June 19, 2008

I hate driving to work

...but I had to today. Right after work we're heading out to Baker City for Elkhorn. I gotta meet someone at my house and then we are leaving ASAP, so I couldn't ride. Which sucks. I think I've driven to work 2 days in the past 35 work days. I get so used to waking up and pedaling that when I don't it feels weird. I feel wasteful. Lazy. Dirty? I don't know but the rest of my day feels really off-kilter. I'm sure I will get home late on Sunday from Baker City and after racing a couple hundred miles it might be tough to get up at 415 so I can pedal to work. I hope I can manage it somehow though.

Last week's commuting really sucked though. 4! Four! Quatro! 4! Flat! Tires! What a bunch of crap. How hard is it for the cities to clean up their roads. I know bike lanes are just the catchall for the detritus of the roads - but it seems to me that if someone put in some effort to clean the roads a difference could be made. But this is the USA, home of the greedy, fat, and lazy (just to generalize). And whenever I call or send an email everyone blames the town, or city, or county, or state, or the Moon for all the road problems, but it's not in their jurisdiction. So annoying! I'm sure that is costs more in bike maintenance to pedal to work, but I would much rather give my money to the local bike shop than some crazy rich oil dude.

As for Elkhorn, we'll see how my fat ass get up those mountains. I generally get a couple hundred miles per week on the bike, but about 65% of those miles are commuting miles. Not to mention I'm getting over bronchitis. There you have! Those are all my excuses before I even start. Talk (or type) about setting oneself up for failure! It should be fun though, I'll be happy with a top 40 or so. Last time I was 8th on GC in cat. 4, 2 years ago.

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