Friday, May 14, 2010

Thrive diet

Am I really getting sucked into this? I don't know. But anything that helps combat the fatness and apathy of America I'm all for - I'm not real convinced than anyone will read this book unless they are already pursuing athletic endeavors. I can't see me every going completely vegan, but I know there is a lot of room for improvement in my diet. My snacks today consisted of cucumber, pineapple, banana, red bell pepper, and granola. Yea, the granola is most likely not under the "Thrive" plan. But neither was the ice cream sandwich I ate yesterday.

I ran a whole 12 miles this week. Woohoo. Tomorrow @ Redmond should be 65+ though, so I should end up with over 80 this week after Sunday. I'm only 3 weeks from KM100 - so I don't want to kill myself (before it's time to kill myself).

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