Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pre-Javelina Jundred

I stole this pic from the web. Somewhere on the JJ100 course...

As I write this I have one week to run. As in one week from this moment I will be somewhere around 10-11 miles in with about 90 miles left to run. I am so looking forward to this run, to getting out of WA for a weekend, to actually getting to do something fun – and of course running 100+ miles in the desert of AZ sounds like a lot of fun to me. I wish it were today though, I think for the most part my knee is better, and my legs want to run. I ended up having to do a 3 week taper just because of knee issues I had before and after the Baker Lake 50K. But considering I only have to run 10 – 11 minutes miles I should be OK. I’m not obsessing over my running so much like I have in the past, but maybe it’s because of all the miles I’ve run in preparation for this upcoming day. Lots of 80-90 mile weeks with a high of 107. Or maybe it's because I have been playing the guitar a lot also, and doing other things besides all of that as well. I know I won’t be at my optimal condition for running a decent 100, but I’m hoping it will still be pretty good. I think you have to keep building on this long stuff to be decent at it - each one is another brick in the foundation. Maybe by the time I get to Zion or Superior Sawtooth or whatever I come up with I will be content with my preparedness, until then I’ll just keep trying to figure this stuff out. But overall I think I'm pretty good.

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