Monday, March 10, 2008

Race season under way

Well, the first race has come and gone and it wasn't too bad, I still have yet to do a road race though but I should take care of that this weekend. Training is going fairly well, and I got a couple 250 mile weeks in in a row, which for a lot of people that might not be much but for me it is. Not a lot as in physically hard, but a lot in terms of 13 hours on my bike in one week.

I even did the High Rock climb in 18:30 or so, which I'm happy with for a couple reasons:
1. I wasn't going 100%
2. I already did 55 miles and 3500 feet of hard climbing

Hopefully come May I'm doing that climb in the 16:30 range.

I lost 5 pounds, at least I'm under 170 again. I don't think that it's from my eating habits though, I'm sure it has a lot more to do with some steady miles. I even did some speedwork once last week, that ought to help boost the internal fat burner. Speedwork should be fairly consistent now so with the increase in mileage and if I actually eat well the pounds should come off. It will help once I can begin doing speedwork on the race bike as well. I don't know really what the deal is, but it sure is hard to do speedwork on the rain bike.

Oh well, gotta go.

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