Friday, July 18, 2008

Kids Bike Rodeo

Yesterday I went to a bike rodeo put on by a local city. They had the fire and police personel running everything and I was pretty disappointed to say the least. They were giving helmets away to the kids which I think is awesome. No, I did not take a helemt, my kid already has a good one that fits correctly. I would assume that most bike racers' kids have well fitting helmets. The people working there bike rodeo failed to place the helmet on the kids correctly. There were lots of kids with the helmets on the back of their heads, chin straps 2 inches below the chin, needless to say the helmet will not be offering much protection when one of these kids eat shit on the sidewalk.

Afterword was a bike parade and all the little tikes on their trikes and training wheel bikes did a lap of the park, it was fun and cute. And then had ice cream after as well, I only stole 1/2 my kids dessert, but it was almost dinner time so I didn't want him to spoil his dinner.

It is cold out today, I should have known as it was 58 on my pedal into work this morning, which is way warmer than it has been. When it's 68 or 70 at 0430 I worry how warm it will be, so I kinda like when it's cold in the morning, chances are that means it will be cool enough to sleep at night.

Anyway...have a good weekend.

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