Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time to move forward

"Hey, sad and blue, what are you gonna do?
Blow yourself away or tie up your own left shoe?
And walk out the door, ready to roar
Check your guns at the door
There's a man that you should see
A generation X Bukowski
who knows about life
The life imitating art"

Lowest of the Low - Life imitating Art

No longer completely pissed off about last weekend in Texas I'm finally ready to move forward. The positives are that I am feeling healthy (for the most part) and motivated to run some good races now. I am going to concentrate on building strength and will be back in Texas next February ready to kick some ass. My recovery has been unbelievable. I know I'm not 100% after running over 72 miles last weekend, but I haven't had any soreness since last Monday, most of the things that were bugging me before the 100 attempt are gone, and most important I am super motivated to run. I realize that I really like testing myself, and before I always thought I was near invincible. Marathons are easy to finish. Ironmans are easy to finish. Sure, getting a fast time is a bit different, but nevertheless finishing is not that hard with the proper training. Forward on Muthafiretrucker. I am going to do some amazing things this summer, I will impress myself, and I will learn how to dog deeper than I have ever had to before. I'm ready to roar and like Pre always said, running a race is a work of art. And your life often imitates your art, so forward I'm ready to go. With only an occasional glance back to remind or re-motivate.

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