Sunday, October 18, 2009

Interesting Project about the existence of God

There is a definite correlation between education and believing in the existence of God -at least in terms of the people with science backgrounds. It appears that almost 60% of the people polled in this PH. D paper from Greg Graffin at Cornell University believe there is not a single God that exists. Of course these people all have science backgrounds, and if you try to use science to prove the existence of God it will make things difficult. I'm not saying I believe one way or another, I just say I don't think any religion or going to church is for me. But I am interested in this topic when it is looked at by people with an education, and not just some zealot with a view that cannot be changed one way or the other. Anyway, check this out if you're bored, and you must be or you wouldn't be reading this. I'd write more, I could probably write forever about this subject but I gotta run, and chances are I wouldn't be able to explain anything concisely, instead I'd end up tripping over my words like a drunken teenager walking through the woods on a Friday night. So take it however you want, but keep your mind open and think for yourself.

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