Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bouncing Souls

I finally got to see these guys live. It was pretty cool. They sounded about how I expected them to sound. The singer kind of has a monotone (baritone) voice, looks like he just crawled out of bed and threw a tie on, has dance moves like me and nonetheless it was a fun time. They played lots of older songs, which is what I would expect from a band that's been around for 20 years. The crowd was really into it, jumping on stage all throughout the night before front flipping into the crowd. Broadway Calls and Bayside were the openers, I liked Broadway Calls, Bayside was kind of lame - sounded a bit too emo-ish for me. Now, if Bad Religion would just come back to Seattle, or face to face if during their off again on again retirement/reunion would somehow make it up here.
4 hours of sleep and I made it to work. Still getting over a cold though. Have to run 25 miles on Saturday; legs should be fine as I haven't done crap this week. February will be here before I know it - that's what I'm afraid of.

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