Thursday, October 1, 2009

Conundrum + other notes


There are all these books I want to read. I don't really like going to the library because it is very difficult to get to; unless I start incorporating some training runs by there.

Am I being wasteful purchasing a book, which obviously comes from trees, about the environment? I like to purchase the books because after I read them I go back and use them as references for other things. Also, I like to pass them on to friends and family members to read. So is this selfless task of passing the book and knowledge outweighing the fact that I'm wasting resources purchasing paper copies of books? Should I really be that anal? This really does bother me.

Also, much like eating healthy, being conscious of my actions in terms of the environment (I could have just said green, but I don't really like that buzzword - it makes doing the right thing sound trendy) it can be expensive to make the right decisions. For example, at work we have 5 gallon water jugs - I do not drink out of them but instead walk 100 feet and up some stairs to the water fountain and fill my bottle, which is really getting gross no matter how many times I wash it. But I could buy one of those fancy aluminum ones, but that is 25 bucks. For a water bottle? Are you serious? I work with metals all day at work and know that it doesn't cost anywhere near as much as that to make an aluminum jug.


I have been getting about 108 miles per gallon on my scooter driving to work though. I'm tempted to drive it to Baker Lake for the run but at 40 mph it would take me a long time. I would also most likely freeze my ass off on the way home after my core temperature drops. Being sick wouldn't help anything I guess. I have almost 4000 miles on it since April though, and barely 5000 on my family truckster I bought in January. I am trying to make a difference in spite of the world we live in and the public attitude I face. But I can sleep well at night knowing I'm making what I believe to be the right choices.

Baker Lake 50K is this weekend and I actually feel really prepared. My last tough weekend of training 3 weeks ago I did 27 miles in 3:39:00 and followed it up the next day with a hilly 10 miles @ 8:01 pace. Recovery went great. I've been sleeping too. Well, 6 hours or so a night which is a bit above normal. I don't have the turnover right ow to churn out many 6 minute miles, but I feel like I can run 8:00 minute miles forever. I'm anxious to see how that translates to the trails. As long as I pay attention to my nutrition during the race I should be OK. It should be really fun anyway.

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