Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obsess Much???

I do. I obsess about everything. I love having something to obsess about. There is no other way to do something. I am running a 100 mile race in February. I can obsess about the training. I can go over every run with a fine tooth comb and see if what I'm doing is enough. Or too much. Or just right. It's not necessarily the race that makes everything worth it. Not at all. It's the journey. The running with friends while training. All the great runs on the great trails of the Pacific Northwest that I'll play on while preparing for the race! The animals I share the trails with. The people I will wave to. The people I will meet. The early mornings when I am one of the first people on the trail. The satisfaction of each long run. Did I mention that apple fritters I can justify eating after another 30 mile run?

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