Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trail Run in the dark (and wet)

Can't see much in this picture? That's because this is a perfect example of what it's like running trails in the pitch dark. Well...maybe not quite that bad, but it sure is a lot harder to run fast then in the day time. But it's pretty cool at the same time. The trails were soaked. The hardest part was not stepping in a mini lake as the leaves that floated on top of the water perfectly camoflaged the puddle. We ran for 1:10 and only covered 7.5 miles. But we were seriously running as fast as our eyes would allow without falling on our ass. It's good training for the 100 mile races though, as much as for ourselves as for our equipment. Lord Hill has some pretty good litte climbs, so we got to work on the hills at least. Running downhill is more a delicate feat of trying not to fall on your ass or trip on a rock or stump. It was a great way to change up the monotony of running on the roads for training. I just wish it was warmer. 42 degrees and a rain is not the best of conditions for a run, but the undulating trail is enough to keep you warm.

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