Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tiger 12 summits run

Finally I got to run 12 Summits! Over 10K of climbing and approximately 35 miles. I feel like Sir Edmund Hilary. I did it! I did it! We never got lost once. It was awesome. Oh yea, Bill H was our guide. But still, we never got lost. Woohoo! Ha ha!

We started at 5:00 am and it was still pretty dark in the woods. Once we started climbing Bill quickly showed us how it was done as he pulled away from Glen and I. The rest of the day pretty much went like that. Run flat or downhill, stay with Bill, run steep long climb, try to keep Bill in sight. Most of the time I could still see him, although he was becoming smaller and smaller as he disappeared up the slopes. Him running up Middle Tiger was impressive, that was a tough climb as I struggled to power hike it.

Highlights:We heard a bear. We didn't see him though. This was somewhere between Summit # 2 and # 1.
I got a stick in my shin descending East Tiger and it bled pretty good. Made me feel and look tough.
I ate shit on the easiest part of the trail cuz I was running with my head up my ass. Easy lesson learned.
Water filters worked well, no one got sick. I drank about 210 oz. during the 6 1/2 hours of running.
Almost bonked, ate and recovered. Bill bonked hard with 4 - 5 miles left. Bummer for him, as it did slow him down.
I was still running strong at end of run, although my climbing legs kind of sucked all day. Maybe I need to eat more donuts?
Glen ran at his own pace all day, I barely saw him. Still, he only finished about 10 minutes behind us.
Thanks Bill for waiting for me , I know you could have crushed me at any time and disappeared. Hopefully you still got the workout in you wanted.

Weather was wet and foggy. No view from the top.
Trails are grown in a little bit, hard to see in some places.
I suffered and dug deep on the climbs and was still pretty slow.
The run had to end.
My recovery was horrible.

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